What's Included:

Domain Set-up

We will assist our customers with the setup of their own web domain name (ex.  www.yourcompanyname.com), or work with a web space that may be provided by our customer's current ISP.  Webs2Be also provides high-speed quality hosting service.

E-mail mailboxes are also available, and Webs2Be.com provides the service of 'postmaster' to manage the e-mail accounts.

There are also options to set up your web site on the space provided by your personal ISP (Internet Service Provider).  If you choose to use this space, we can work with your ISP in publishing your site to the existing location.


Web sites, like any company brochure will need to be changed as time goes on.  You could have more 'brags', dogs, or Champion titles to tell the world about via your web site.

Webs2Be.Com offers 'service after the sell' to help you keep your website as current as you would like.  We can:

  • Add additional pages

  • Update current pages with new photos or text

  • Add functionality like a 'hit counter', e-mail form, or whole new design

We will work with you to keep you informed of new technical enhancements as they become available.  If you choose to upgrade, we can perform the work needed to make your site up-to-date.

Photo Scanning

Webs2Be.Com provides photo and logo scanning service.   We provide 3 photo scan per page included in our standard charges.  Additional scans are $5 each.

We can work with photos that you already have in digital format (.jpg or .gif only please).   There is no extra charge for working with your digital photos (unless we need to do extensive touch-ups).  You can obtain digital formats from most photo processors or professional photographers, or by going to Kinko's to scan them and save to a CD.