Prices at Webs2Be:

WebSite Hosting by Webs2Be
WebSite Domain Name Annual Fee $5.95
WebSite Hosting (monthly rate) $7.00
WebSite Hosting (yearly rate - paid in advance) $60.00
WebSite Design by Webs2Be  
Theme design and Home Page set-up* $70.00
Additional pages (each)* $40.00
'Contact Us' page (one per site)* $20.00
Guest Book page** $80.00
Information 'Form' page $80.00
Additional photos - each (in excess of 3 per page) $5.00
Pedigree Set-up (no charge if you complete a provided pedigree template or provide a 'Sit-Stay' pedigree) $10.00
* each page includes 3 photos (can be used anywhere within the website....ex.  2 photos on one page and 4 photos on another page.  Total included photos equals 3 times the number of pages.
**Guest Book page does not include photos  
Additional Items available from Webs2Be  
Business Card Design using Web style $20.00
Business Card  - 100 each $10.00
Business Card - Magnetic - 10 each $5.00
Bumper Sticker $5.00
Return Address Label - 120 each $6.00
Letterhead paper Contact for quote